What is PTC ?


Paid to click (PTC) is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement. The payment per click usually is somewhere between $0.001 to $0.1 as a free member. The amount of daily displayed advertisments ranges between 10 to 25.


The secret of earning a solid amount of these sites is called: Referrals. Besides clicking yourself these sites offer a certain percentage of the click value from the people you referred to the site. (Commission rates range between 10% up to 50% for a free Membership)


Another income stream of PTC Sites is the selling of membership upgrades. These upgrades can be bought for one month up to one year and allow the members to earn more per click ($0.005 to $0.02) and get higher commission rates (100% to 200%) of their referrals.


As time passes by you will reach the minimum cashout limit. This varies from side to side between $1.50 to $8. Withdrawals can be usually made with PayPal, PayZa, Perfect Money, Payeer or Bitcoin.


Information about the minimum amount to cash out, as well as the supported payment processor’s can be found in the TOS of every site. Do yourself a favor and have a look at the TOS. Depending on your payment processor an extra fee might be charged, sometimes up to $0.50 +2%.

How to avoid Scam Sites?


Here is a simple To-Do-List you can refer to before signing up with a new PTC site. Don’t be fooled by a nice template or high click rates.


1. Google-Check:

This is the easiest way to figure out what type of site you have to deal with. Just type in the name of your site, followed by the term “Scam” or “Payment Proof”. There are plenty of different websites and blogs to find the information you need right away on the first Google page.


2. Whois.net:

Take a quick look at Whois.net to have a check about the registration of the site. If the site is registered under a free domain or from a country you never have heard of, its most certainly not a good look. Beside you can find the name of the Admin and with a little help from Google you will see whether the site owner already had a Scam site or not.


3. Site Links:

Take a moment to see if the links on the site are functional. If you find a link to the forum or to contact the site staff etc., look if the pages load. If you can find more than one dead link which isn’t fixed within a day it can be a sign for an abandon site. It’s not unusual to see a site go down and see another site launching within the same week by the same admin.


4. Forum:

A forum is the best way to communicate with the site staff and other members about problems, information what so ever. While a forum is always a good sign, it can indicate quite a bit about the status of the site itself. While new sites usually don’t have many forum posts you should still take a look if the admin is active on solving problems or showing his presence in other ways. If there is no forum you should find at least a Live Chat, Phone Number, Email addresses, Social Medias or a Blog to be able to communicate with the admin / staff members. No such thing is a bad sign. Watch out if the forum or other contact ways get shutdown, this often means the admin is going to hide and tries to get the last cents out of your balance without even thinking about paying you. With no communication device between the members of the site he will be able to bail or make no payments at all while the members have no idea about his plans.


5. ToS:

The Terms of Service, endless pages boring the hell out of people. Now and then people report about being scammed by a site which is actually not quite true. In fact, they just hadn’t paid any attention to the ToS and their wordage. To be on the safe site you should make a screenshot of the ToS on the day you signup and actually read them, at least take a few minutes to over read them so you can be prepared for actual changes etc.


6. Signing up:

The template of the site looks good and you couldn’t find any bad news about the site but you are still a little suspicious whether becoming a member or not, there are some tips you should keep in mind.


Never give out personal information! If you are not feeling comfortable with the site, give them a fake name, address, payment processor email and what else is asked. If the time comes to cashout you will most certainly be able to rechange your name and payment email. If there is no possibility on the site you might have to talk with the site staff directly. But note there are some sites which won’t be able to change your payment email. Even though your fake information might lead to a suspension of your account it’s still better to take the risk, especially with a site you are not so sure about. (In such a case you could however use your earned money to invest in banner credits and start promoting your own sites.)


Beside a valid email address you don’t have to give the site any real information about you. The email address is used to confirm your account with them. I advise you to create another email account to use for the signing up process on the various sites. Among many of different free email providers I find Yahoo and Gmail the best ones. But this is up to you. The reason why not to use your main email address is simple. Spam… Some Scam sites simply gather all the information they get about you to sell them to third parties which will use your personal details to spam you. In that case a second email account comes in quite handy.


Think about your password! Make sure your password is different from site to site. Admin’s in general have not only access to your personal information you gave them but also about your Username and password. So it’s easy for a scam site to use these information to randomly try to login at some of the big sites, where usually everyone is registered with. So make sure you use a different password on each site, which includes letters and numbers. Since this can become quite confusing make a list (not on your computer). There are some hackers out there which randomly try out to get access to the account balances of other members, so be sure about what you write in the forum as well.


7. Ads:

Sometimes you can even get a look before signing up with the site at their ads. Try to find out who is advertising on this site, who is paying for the ads. Ads are supposed to be purchased from outside advertisers, which bring the money into the system you will earn for clicking on these ads. But if there are only “advertisements” such as “Visit our Forum”, “Take a look at our Earning Area” that means the ptc site itself is paying you. This kind of advertising/ptc site is very risky and can’t run for long since they not only spent their money on the sites layout and host but also on you for clicking. If they won’t find any advertisers the site will surely go down within a short time.


Another point is the click rate per advertisement. New sites often tend to promote their site with paying $0.01 or even more per click. While they offer 1000Hits for only $2 to the advertisers. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that this site is facing financial issues within a short time.


8. The Site:

Last but not least, have a look at the layout of the page. A standard design with limited promotional tools is affordable for $25month. If the admin is not willing to invest in his own business (ptc site) he most likely is not willing to pay you either. See which payment processors are provided, if only PayPal, it’s not good… PayPal is the doom for many ptc sites. While PayPal reserves the right to close the account for up to 180 days without to inform the account owner, it will result in payment delays and finally not being able for the site to pay its members. Therefore other processors like Payza (formerly AlertPay) or LibertyReserve, Okpay, Neteller should be provided. Does the site use any means of DDoS Protection, is it a registered company and if it’s a BuxHost Site, how long is the site subscription.



Recommended PTC Sites:

Free Membership:


Click: $0.001 - $0.01

Ads: 20+

Cashout: $2

via PP, PZ, NT, Skrill

Ref. Limit: 30 (+1 every 4days)

Ref. Com.: 50%

Online since 2008

Free Membership:


Click: $0.001 - $0.02

Ads: 20+

Cashout: $8

via PZ, Payoneer, Paytoo

Ref. Limit: no

Ref. Com.: 20%

Online since 2007

Free Membership:


Click: $0.0002 - $0.001

Ads: 20+

Cashout: $2

via PP, PZ, PM

Ref. Limit: no

Ref. Com.: 40%

Online since 2009

How to Get Direct Referrals?


Direct referrals are the backbone for most of the promoted sites on this website. You can’t expect to earn a lot of money from these sites just by clicking ads worth $0.005. With these rates you can’t make a significant income. Even though the following steps might not be as easy as expected you can truly increase your earnings when investing some time in the following strategies.


1. Create a Website / Blog to promote your sites:

This is perhaps the most used and the best method to make referrals. If you have a well designed blog or website that discusses about the benefits of joining the PTC sites you recommend, it would not be very difficult to get a good amount of referrals.


Ofcourse this will require some work upfront. Register a domain name including some keywords which relate to your content. As a reliable and user friendly Host I can recommend one.com which provide for less than $3 / month a website, as well as a WordPress blog. (Click on the link so you will get a $10 discount)

With an own Website you start promoting your own platform instead of other sites with just your referral link. Additionally you have the chance to attract visitors to more than just one site.


2. Create Videos:

Creating videos as promotional tool on YouTube explaining the benefits of PTC Sites or a review of certain money making sites can help to get referrals. Use a free desktop recording software (i.e: AutoScreenRecorder) or just the Screenshot function to gather some information to create the video.

Share your video to online forums or other video sharing sites and ask people to make comments on your videos. (Don’t forget to use your referral links in video descriptions.)


3. Advertise your Referral Links:

You can advertise your referral links in classified sites or on PTC / GPT Sites. Promoting a new site will easily get you direct referrals. Additionally the people visiting your site will know what to do, so you have a perfect targeted audience. Most sites will offer cheap advertising packages starting from $2 / 5000 impressions. Sometimes even cheaper so you could actually use your own earnings you made to invest on these sites.


However, investing in advertising packages on PTC sites isn’t the only option. You can use BidVertiser and Adhitz to advertise your referral links. These two networks are the best for getting PTC referrals. Similar services such as Google AdWords / AdSense won’t allow any kind of promotion of PTC etc… sites through their network. (Read Google AdWords T.O.S.) With a CPC (Cost per Click) option you will only have to pay for the actual clicks, not the impressions. It’s great, because a high percentage of people clicking on such a link will eventually join the site.


Without investments you can advertise your referral links in money making and GPT forums. Here you can find people with the same mindset as yours. Other platforms such as ask.com or Yahoo Answers provide you with the chance of helping others with income related questions.


4. Use Traffic Exchanges to get Referrals:

You can also use traffic exchange sites to get direct referrals. Traffic exchange sites basically give you an opportunity to get traffic to a new site. (Free traffic to your referral links / website) I can truly recommend EasyHits4U since you can even earn money for surfing other websites. Furthermore they offer a 5-Tier Referral Program and provide a 1:1 Exchange Ratio.


5. Downline Builders:

Join websites such as DownlineRefs.com or GetRef.com. In these sites you register as a Direct Referral of some other users of the Site. This will give you points which can be used to set up your own offers and get your own Direct Referrals.


Some more tips:


1. Referrals/Packages:

Many sites offer a rent or even buy referral service, meaning for a certain fee you can purchase unreferred members. Since prices may vary you can find them for a cheap price. After your personal calculations you might be able to profit, but in reality it looks rather different. Most of those referrals are Bots. Designed by the site itself they will assure you won’t benefit from having purchased them. Some “Members” look realistic; others show obvious since of being automated. Therefore I wouldn’t advise anyone in spending money for referrals.


2. Investing:

Don’t start with an investment in the new ptc site! Regardless of anyones success stories etc. First of all you have to make sure, by yourself, that the site is paying. So don’t even think about investing if you haven’t even received one payment. While investing in a site you have to be up to date all the time. Constantly search the web for information about the site. Ptc sites can change within a day. In the morning still paying it can become a scam site in the evening. That’s why you should cashout as soon as you hit the cashout limit. Don’t wait, just get the money. Due to the huge amount of PTC Sites launching every day, I wont make any recommendations nor can I advise you to do any kind of investments at any sites. Be careful!


3. Activeness:

Be active on the site by clicking. Many sites will permanently delete your account including the balance after being inactive for 30, 60 or 90 days. The numbers vary from site to site, so make sure before going inactive to know when to log in the next time.


4. Anti-Virus Software:

Make sure you have always the latest version of your anti-virus service. Here and there you will find some “black sheep’s” trying to lead you on their advertisements inflicted with viruses. (Especially if you are working with traffic exchange programs) Some advertisements work with a frame breaker, be sure about the link destination. Otherwise, skip this advertisement.


5. Calculation:

Before you invest, calculate by yourself whether the investment is worth it. Don’t be impressed by people on the forums talking about their massive earnings and huge amounts of referrals. Be smart and do the math by yourself, you can’t generalize other earnings to yourself. Dont be mislead by anyone, the Information provided here are for your own use and doesn’t guarantee success nor mean advice to invest!


6. Multiply Accounts:

Keep in mind you are always and on each site only allowed to have one account. Your accounts will be suspended if you will register more than once at a site.